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Friday, July 16, 2010

What's so funny?

Besides this picture? I love Sarah, in fact I posted that right here when I started this blog. Tonight D and I saw her at Largo, along with Louis CK and three other people that weren't funny. The day started out pretty mellow, we did a few errands, tried to plan activities for next week. Got an email saying K had direct booked a job for Thursday, the same Thursday she was supposed to do a shoot with an amazing photographer. This week was going to be interesting. On hold AGAIN for two more jobs that potentially shoot Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Saturday. I am not going to hold my breath. Like I said last week a hold no longer means a job. Three holds though will hopefully up the odds a little. I hope.

The plan for tonight was simple. We were going to have dinner with DR and his family. DR is a guy that D does a lot of work with, he's really cool and a few months ago we had dinner with him, his wife J and their adorable daughter A. K and A hit it off immediately and they were so cute to watch, the adults had fun too. I'm not sure how it came up but DR offered to watch K while we were at the show (which was down the street from their house). When K found out she was so excited she wanted to go immediately, when she heard we were staying for dinner I got the evil eye. She gave me that "why are you hanging in my space mom?" look. I told her she could have dinner without us but only if it was OK with DR and J. I called D to let him know the situation and he took care of it. While I was happy to have dinner with friends I didn't want to do it at the expense of my daughter. Besides we were now free to have an actual date night. Again.

We found a little sushi place in a small hotel near the theater and took a chance. It paid off and we found a new favorite on that side of town. We had a wonderful dinner and then took our awesome seats for the show. The first few comics were awful, maybe we laughed a few times and then Sarah came out. She was awesome. I think I laughed the whole time she was on the stage. She's so cool, I honestly think that if we met we'd be friends. Really. Louis CK came out next and he was dirty! I loved it. Laughed through his whole set too. I laughed so much my face actually hurt.

When we went to pick up K we figured we'd just lift our sleeping girl from a bed to our car. Nope. She was up and so was A. They were playing in bed and they were seriously adorable. They did not want to say goodbye. Even at the late hour of 11:30PM they were wide awake in their protests. We promised to reunite them soon and managed to separate them. I know that we will honor this promise, I like when K hangs with cool kids.

I would end with a new joke but they are all pretty nasty!!

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