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Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Summer has arrived!

Summer's here finally, it seemed like a really long winter. Oh wait, it's August. Summer is late by over two months. WTF? Yesterday was the first day for a visit to the beach and I was missing my beach buddy. Today was just as nice but like always we had plans. K had a test shoot with an awesome photographer I love. Her studio was downtown, which to anyone else would have been a long drive, to us it was easy. K was thrilled to see that the photographer had two little dogs, I was hoping this would be easy.

We went through the wardrobe we brought and she pulled out a cute little white dress which gave K an angelic ethereal look, especially when the fan started blowing her long flowing hair. She wasn't having fun though, part of that was her fault, she asked me to be near her (a mistake) and part of it was mine, I didn't insist on her finishing her breakfast and I didn't bring snacks because this was supposed to be a short shoot. Besides, she never wants what I bring for her. Luckily the photographer had something to give to K in addition to her infinite amount of patience. Then she asked K what kind of music to play, when K said she wanted to hear "Kids" by MGMT I knew it was on. I stepped out of the studio and watched her from another room. They worked well together and after a while K insisted on being the photographer, just like mama.

After the shoot we were going to go to The Grove to see if her pictures were up in The Children's Place but after sort of getting lost leaving downtown and needing gas we both just wanted to go home. It was so hot when we finally made it home, it felt unfamiliar to us, it hasn't been hot in our neighborhood since last year. We came inside peeled off our clothes and had some lunch. We debated on a swim but decided against it, we cuddled on the couch and watched an old episode of America's Next Top Model, K thinks it's cool to watch the photo shoots and likes to critique the girls. Usually she's spot on.

After that we went to karate, I told her it would be quiet at the dojo and that means that she gets more one on one training, she likes that. There were only a few kids there some white belts and a friend of K's from preschool (who is also a kid actor) I like it when we see him, his mom is super cool and we just sit and laugh for the hour. After the class was over they would not leave each other, it was cute. They were sharing snacks and chasing each other. I felt like I was watching 13 year olds. We walked out together and as they walked away she turned around and yelled "BYE H!!!!!!!!!" Then she looked up to me and said "I like them." Yeah, I noticed.

D was going out with a friend and I had planned on taking K to dinner, when I asked what she felt like having she said we didn't have to go out, she wanted me to make her pasta Alfredo. Huh? Who was this impostor and where was my daughter who only eats food that is served and prepared by others? I was sort of bummed though, I wanted to walk down the street to a local Italian place that has good pizza, I can have a glass or two of wine without breaking my driving rule.

We came home and she wanted to go swimming, I was in no mood to go in the pool but I sat with her, she tired of that quickly. I'm sure that was due to the hours and hours she spent at the waterpark yesterday. We haven't spent much time in the pool this summer, we've done so many other things. This is a sharp contrast to all the swimming we did last year. It actually seemed boring to her! She wanted to go in and help me cook dinner, she wanted to hang out and talk. I don't know if the heat had gotten to her or she missed me yesterday, whatever the reason, I liked it.

We had a nice evening and I put her to bed a little early, her bedtimes has been getting later and later and after long days what she really needs is sleep. Plus I needed the alone time too, with D gone I could get this written and watch Hard Knocks. I did some writing, texting, reading and Facebooking. I almost have a handle on my time management. Thank goodness.

So the arrival of hot weather is perfect as the summer starts to wind down. Things are a little off-kilter but it's fitting. In my house we are all a little off right now.

and I like it.

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