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Saturday, May 21, 2011

Rap this!

I suppose this would have been better yesterday, I just found it, sorry. The good news is that most of us were not raptured.

I'm really glad because this has the possibility to be a great weekend. Also my birthday is coming up and now D has to buy me a present. He put it off just in case :) D and K are out to breakfast so I have a few minutes of peace and quiet. I spent most of that time on Facebook making sure there were no friends who had woken up zombies. I thought I might have been a zombie this morning but it was only a lack of caffeine, one latte and I was better. My hair however remained in zombie form but a few minutes with a flat iron solved that. I guess some coffee and hair products need to go in my emergency zombie kit. I should call the CDC.

Wow, I don't think I've ever seen the word zombie so many times in one paragraph.

As soon as D comes back I am taking K to the second day of shooting for her new favorite client. They did a gorgeous shot of her toothless smile yesterday that might end up a cover shot, too bad I have to wait months to see it!! After the shoot we are all going to an awesome party with a collection of musicians that will be playing throughout the night. Gotta remember my camera, maybe I can get D to play his guitar.

Tomorrow is a big fundraiser for K's school, an event that we dread but always enjoy. I think they should just collect all our money and then let us enjoy the day. Sucking it out slowly is just annoying.

Cool weekend aside, I have many things making me happy lately, I'm so glad I won't be missing them:

Summer's coming and I get to spend the days with K

I survived my MIL visit (just wanted to say that, not really relevant here, just bragging that I didn't kill anyone)

New friends. I have made some amazing friends and I can't wait to enjoy the summer with them. I even have a potential new boy bestie (he's gay so no annoying wife to deal with!)

Vacations. Not sure where we're going but trips to NY and Florida are in the works.

Parties. I have vowed this summer to host a series of get-togethers. Now that I am free of emotional vampires and other evil creatures I can have enjoyable parties with friends that are looking to enjoy the summer instead of sucking the fun out of it.

Date night. I will be looking forward to many of these this summer.

The list can go on but D is almost here and I need to leave.

More later.

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