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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Camp Mom

So every year I have K home with me in the summer, I wait for this all year long. Last year it took about a 4 hours for me to second guess this decision. She ended up going to dance camp for a few weeks. This year I vowed to do a myriad of activities and make sure she was learning every step of the way. I also found workbooks that have a lesson for every day of vacation. I thought she would fight me on this but she loved it and can't wait to see what she has for tomorrow.

Here is an itinerary of the first day at Camp Mom:

9:00AM Welcome photo. OK, it's actually a little project I'm doing but it works here too.
10:30AM Field trip and food tasting at Trader Joe's.
11:30AM Special treat from Coolhaus truck. We have a rule here at Camp Mom, if we pass this truck we must stop. Who knew it would happen the very first day?
12:00PM Lunch
12:30PM Visit to the petting zoo. Or hanging with K's new guinea pigs.
1:00PM Finance lesson. Quick trip to the ATM to fund the rest of the week.
1:30PM Fiscal responsibility lesson. Picking up a few things at the 99 cent store.
2:00PM Beautification project. Self car wash.
2:30PM Swimming lesson. Playing in the pool while mommy sits for a while.
5:15PM Karate class. Actual karate class.
6:15PM Music class. Piano practice.
6:30PM Schoolwork
7:00PM Dinner
8:00PM Practical Zookeeping with special guest dad.
9:00PM Bed

That's a pretty long first day of camp!! I wonder if I can keep up the pace all summer.

Lights out!!

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