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Wednesday, February 3, 2010

What I've Learned from Therapy

In no particular order: (although I LOVE the first one)

I am a Warrior
I can change if I really want to
I really want to
There is a tender soul under my tough exterior (duh, I knew that already)
It's OK to have OCD
It is possible to control physical reactions to unpleasant thoughts
(without alcohol, I mean)
I am extremely intuitive (again, knew it)
I am not always right (crap.)
I am loyal
I am not always trusting
I am not perfect (what???)
I am strong, even if I don't yet know it, I have a strength that I've earned by learning from my mistakes and I should own it
Not everyone thinks like me (this is a hard one for everyone, I have come to realize that)
I love my family
I am a great mom
I'm probably not the greatest wife
I will not put up with bullshit
Flaws are beautiful
Perfection is non-existent
I am attracted to flaws and repelled by the relentless pursuit of perfection
I am fiercely honest and true and demand the same from those around me, I am extremely disappointed when it doesn't happen (and yes, I will try to work on that)
I can have fun, be spontaneous and not always try to be in control (really!)
I can cry in front of people without thinking I'm weak or a victim
I have a lot of male energy and will no longer feel bad about it
Therapy is expensive
Money will never make you happy. I have always known this but felt the need to end on it. The only thing that can make you happy is you. Life is hard, love is hard, relationships are hard, giving up is easy.

I've never done things the easy way.

Peace & Love

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