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Friday, May 20, 2011


So much going on!! Mother-in-law reacp to write, jobs and more jobs for K, men screwing housekeepers, Barry and BiBi going head to head and of course the biggest thing: The end of the world.

I hate when events come up so suddenly. I didn't have time to plan an end of the world party. I was too busy driving around Los Angeles. I am so not ready: what do you wear to a rapture? Is it BYOB? Can I bring a guest? Are kids allowed? Honestly, I need to be more prepared for next time.

Tonight I need to find a copy of Night Of The Comet, the best zombie movie ever. I really hope the rapture doesn't happen, we have so much to do this weekend. K is working for her new favorite client, the $1 flip flop sale is happening at Old Navy and we have a huge party to attend.

I'd love to write more but I'm off to take K to work. Even with impending doom I still have to drive to Hollywood.

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