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Monday, August 29, 2011

If you can't stand the heat...

..then do not go to Palm Springs in August! Just got back from an amazing getaway with my loves. People said we were crazy to head to the dessert on the hottest weekend of the year but that's how we roll. No, really. No matter where we go it's always either the hottest or the coldest weather that place (wherever it is) has seen in years.

This summer was a busy one for us and we somehow never had time for a proper vacation. Strangely, none of us really missed it, we were too busy running from place to place, set to set or friend to friend. What we did miss was some family bonding. We were going to go down to San Diego and take K to Sea World (her choice) but when she found out that she had to be 10 to swim with dolphins she opted for Palm Springs. We found a hotel with waterslides and lazy river and booked it.

I'm not going to lie, 115 degrees is hot but without humidity it's not that bad. We managed to get used to the heat and spent the days floating along the lazy river. It was nice to be together with no commitments and very little iPhone use. K was in heaven and immediately made some "best friends." In fact yesterday she had lunch with a cool family and they live close to us. The kids all vowed to see each other again and since I've been awesome at following up on social interactions this actually might happen.

I keep forgetting how fortunate we are to live in a place where it's possible to drive a few hours and feel like you are completely away from home. D and I also made a vow, we are going to take weekends away more often. It's a wonderful feeling to come home feeling refreshed and recharged, I'd like to have it often. Of course sometimes I feel like my life is a vacation so I shouldn't be complaining.

I'm off with K to enjoy the last week of summer vacation in this breezy 70 degree weather. It a;most feels cold!!

Thursday, August 25, 2011

What a catch!

A friend of mine posted this on my Facebook wall today. We both got a laugh out of it since we know someone with a similar personality.

It's so sad how insecure and childish we (as a society) have become. When is anything like this OK? Even if the guy was a perfect match seeing his true colors takes him from hero to zero faster than you can say sociopath.

Enjoy this and make sure you screen all your calls, you never what kind of magic might show up on your voicemail.

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Say Something Nice

I saw this today and fell in love with the idea!!! I spent all day saying nice things to people and it felt great!!!

Pass it on!

Saturday, August 20, 2011


Van Morrison - Astral Weeks

Last night K and I went out to dinner, D was working late and I didn't feel like cooking. We had a great time like always and giggled for hours. On the ride home we heard this song, when it was finished K said "I really like that song." I was so touched because I have always loved it too. I was also so proud of her non-traditional and amazing taste in music. While in the car she likes to hear Sirius Radio's Kindie Rock station but she also asks for Alt Nation as well as requests for Wilco, MGMT, Kings of Leon and Band of Horses. I used to think she was doing this to appease me but when I watch her sing along I can see that she really enjoys it.

I'm glad that she likes to think out of the music box, something I have always done but never pushed on her. She instantly recognizes her favorite bands and gets excited when she hears her favorite songs.

I really just wanted to share this song with you but I felt the need to tell you why.


Wednesday, August 17, 2011

An overnight success

So last week (I think it was last week) I wrote how K was all over the place: a magazine cover and three different Fall campaigns. This week we were told her poster was in the window of a high profile children's boutique, by high profile I mean it's the place all the celebutots get their clothing and there is always paps waiting outside. So off we go to check it out. On the way we pass a newsstand so I pull over to see if they have the euromag K is in and to my complete shock they do!! We purchase all three copies after K stops squealing and walk back to the car. As she's flipping through it she see's her ad for H&M, then we went to check out her window. It was one of those moments that makes all the driving worth it. We've been getting emails, messages and texts from friends with K's picture in various stores. It's why we do this and it's fun to see.

What isn't fun are the comments like "Oh I should just have you get my child work." First of all, clearly it's not up to me and seriously? It took driving around Los Angeles for seven years for my child to be an overnight success. That means seven years of forming relationships with casting directors and assistants, photographers, agents, other parents and anyone else associated with this business. Yes, it is a business, something K and I fully realize. I do all of this because she loves it and is really good. What makes people think I can just turn their kid into an overnight sensation? That would be like me asking one of those people to hand over their paycheck after working all week.

Something about this business brings out the best in some people and the worst in others. I am grateful to have found so many wonderful people who thankfully belong in the "best" category.

Not sure why I wrote this but there it is. Off to take my little star to an audition that I hope she nails for a job I don't want her to get.

But that's a rant for another day!

Monday, August 15, 2011


K and I have been enjoying this song for a while. It's such a fun tune and the best of all the new stuff I've heard in a long time.


Saturday, August 13, 2011

Home Alone!

I rarely get any time alone during the summer. In the past this used to bug the shit out of me, then I realized that I had made bad friend choices. The person I thought was my best friend in the world was actually on a mission to come between D and I and spent hours convincing me that D was a bad father (he isn't, I assure you). Anyways, today I was lucky enough to have some free time. K wanted to watch D play football and for some reason kids are welcome, wives and girlfriends are not. Whatever, I was happy to have the ability to stay in sweats and do nothing. With all that's available to me I decided to stay home, put on a mud mask and watch bad TV. I've also been having a few Facebook conversations with friends who are also happy to be staying at home. Most of us spend all day driving our kids so a rare car-free day is truly a gift.

My new friends are all over Southern California so a quick get together is usually out of the question, although it isn't impossible. Some of my favorite people live hours away and while we spend as much time together as possible we also enjoy texting and Facebooking. We did a bunch of that this morning.

Bringing up the bad friend from my past again this person also told mutual friends that I had no real friends, only virtual friends that I had never met. I wish that person could see the odometer in my car and see all the Yahoo maps on my floor. Virtual my ass. I've been schlepping said ass all over town the last few months seeing actual people. So take that jerk.

Sorry for the side rant. It's been bugging me.

I'm trying to get back in the swing of writing and I wanted to write that was doing nothing with my free time. It seems very Seinfeldesque to write about nothing. Especially when I'm doing nothing with friends.

OK gotta go now. I forgot that I had this mask on and it's starting to hurt.

Thursday, August 11, 2011

I fought the law!

I completely forgot one of the high points of this summer!! On December 1st I got a speeding ticket while driving home from renewing K's work permit. I was so bummed because not only was I a mile away from my house but I KNEW that there ware speed traps on that road. I thought I was passing an accident so I pulled into the left lane and had no choice but to maintain the flow of traffic. Nope, Officer Nasty pulled me over and was such a jerk about it.

I was pissed, D told me to fight it. I am not the fighting kind but I agreed. I waited until the last minute and then I went online to request a court date. I have no idea about this stuff so when that date arrived I thought it was the actual court date. No. It was the day you get to say you want a court date and then you make one. OK, now I had more weeks to stress over it. The day finally came and I was a mess. I was so nervous I was convinced that when it came time to plead my case I would just cry or be unable to speak.

Sitting in the court room with dozens of people just like me made me feel batter, I met a woman who told me that I had nothing to lose. I should just go up, tell what happened and not care. The worst thing that can happen is that they keep my money. Yeah!! I was pumped. I was ready. I was not scared!!!

When they called my name I yelled "PRESENT!" in a voice that shocked me. When the judge called the officer's name I heard nothing. She looked around and declared the case "dismissed!" In an even louder voice I voiced my excitement which brought laughter in the courtroom. I also bolted out of there in case Officer Nasty was late.

I wish I knew why these situations scared the crap out of me. I will tell you that I have been very observant of speed limits, much to the dismay of my fellow drivers. It's like I got a second chance and I don't want to waste it.

I guess it's the same with my life. I feel like I have been given a second chance and I'm not wasting it!!! This explains the lack of writing and abundance of fun this summer. Being surrounded with love is so much better than what we used be around.

Go out and have fun!! Just slow down every so often!

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Red, white and busy

Holy crap, I've been a bad blogger. I guess it's OK since I've been a great camp director. Our days have been filled with fun, friends, swimming and shoots! First I need to send some belated birthday wishes to the US of A. Then I need to apologize to Blogger for completely ignoring it!

In the past month we have spent about 10 minutes at home. The rest of the time has been a blur. K did a commercial shoot that took up a few days (we are hoping to see her beautiful face around Christmas time!) she's done a bunch of print and we have seen so many friends we've lost count. We took a girls "mini trip" down to SD and enjoyed a nice hotel stay. We've been a ton of different pools and have hardly spent any time in our own! We've been to all the beaches in Southern California and just as many malls.

Last week was a stagemom's dream week. K shot a commercial, came out on the cover of a magazine and was featured in three different Fall campaigns. People were playing "where's K?" and texting me the pictures that they found.

It was also the anniversary of our big agency switch. I wrote an email to K's agent thanking her for an amazing year. Not just the work but the network of people that have become our "framily." I honestly would be lost without these amazing women who have blessed our lives. It's a nice change to have friends without any hidden agenda. I realized just last night that some of the friendships I had were causing the rift between D and I instead of fixing it. Shame on me for not noticing but shame on them for being complete assholes.

So anyway, we are off to another lunch and then hopefully the errands we keep putting off. Tomorrow will bring more of the same as will Friday.

I hope to catch up a little around here, if I don't it's only because we are enjoying the time and not because I have nothing to say.

Happy Wednesday!! It is Wednesday, right?