Too many mental tabs open today.

Wednesday, September 12, 2012


Not that kind of drained. It's been way too serious around here. Today I have a simple yet thought provoking rant:

Can someone tell me why plumbing issues ONLY happen at night or on the weekend? Is it just in my house? I can say with complete certainty that every singe time one occurs around here it's either a weekend (usually a holiday weekend) or 11:00PM at night.

I understand this place isn't brand new and the plumbing isn't the best but please, why can't my sink ever get backed up on a Tuesday at say, 2:00PM?

Is there an answer for this or is this one of those unanswered mysteries of the world.

Excuse me while I wait all morning for my plumber.


  1. I hope you've got that taken care of by now. It's lunch time!

  2. “Can someone tell me why plumbing issues ONLY happen at night or on the weekend?” - That is still a mystery waiting for some answers. Haha. Just kidding. I think plumbing issues can erupt anytime, especially if your plumbing system is not properly maintained and in poor condition. Old houses that have a poor piping system have a higher tendency for plumbing problems. I would suggest you check the other piping systems for other issues.

  3. Right on Darryl! Plumbing problems can happen at an unexpected time. Homemakers and owners have their share of these situations. Although the problem may blow up at a given time, there might be some major plumbing problems beneath the surface. A good plumbing maintenance could prevent this situation. Be sure to check your pipes and plumbing fixtures from time to time. And since it is an old structure, repairs and replacements might be needed to deter the problem.