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Thursday, March 5, 2015

On Demand

Wow, it's been so long since I wrote anything on here. I think social media, Facebook to be exact, took the place of this blog. For years I would come here and write what I was feeling, anonymously, freely and without the fear of anyone really confronting me. I guess I got brave, putting out what I was feeling on Facebook was like instant gratification for the soul. Plus I decided years ago to stop internalizing things, so when I'm happy, sad, pissed, angry, depressed and freaked out I let it be known.

I do miss writing. Sometimes I write blog entries in my head but then I'm the only audience. I'm a great audience though, I find myself brilliant at times.

It's been so long since I wrote I forgot how to access my blog. I had to email myself an entry from Timehop and then go in that way.

I was inspired to write today because of my cell phone, or my "hand computer" as D likes to say. Last year my mother traded her ancient flip phone for a "smart" phone and discovered texting.  It was a lesson in patience as she navigated through the learning process. If I didn't answer her text immediately she would send it again (and again and again.) Then she would call my cell and ask if I got her text. If I didn't answer she would call me at home. I'm all for being available but I do not recall offering On Demand service.

Since when did having a cell phone become synonymous with being on call? I know it's hard to go two feet without seeing a human attached at the hand to their device but not everyone enjoys the tethering.

Sure, I use my phone every day but not every waking minute. OK, I actually do use it at my waking minute but only because I don't trust alarm clocks. I keep my phone in my purse on the floor of my car while driving, I keep it in the car when I pick up K and I keep it in my bedroom at night. If I get a text or call after 7:00PM it's usually not returned until the next morning, unless of course it's an emergency.

If I am busy during the day I do not answer my phone. That is sometimes followed by a text, which is sometimes followed by a flurry of other calls. I am not a doctor, I am not saving the world, nothing I have to say warrants such urgency.

I miss the days of the one line phone, I haven't heard a busy signal in decades.  I remember going to school and being excited to see friends and catch up on what happened the night before. Now we are all up in each others shit 24/7. Back then no one ever asked "Are you mad at me?" because their call wasn't instantaneously returned. Whatever we had to say waited.

So if I don't immediately return your call, text, email, tweet or Facebook post, please don't worry. I could be shooting, editing, driving, mothering, enjoying a latte or maybe I'm just stopping to smell a few roses.

I'm happy to be in demand but I refuse to be On Demand.

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