Too many mental tabs open today.

Thursday, February 23, 2012

I Spy

My bestie Julie posted this on my Facebook wall this week and we laughed about it. Facebook makes it easy to spy on your friends without actually engaging them in conversation. I don't do this, if I see something I comment on it. If I do see something and not comment I will always reference where I saw or heard it. It is creepy when people know all your shit though. I know I wrote about this before.

Part of the reason I stopped blogging like I used to was that I could not control who reads this. Even before "all the drama" happened my "friends" would read stuff here and then talk to me like I told them. A wonderful side effect of my OCD is an almost photographic memory. I remember everything I tell people, this was always helpful as I was often able to catch people in lies. I usually kept this to myself, no use argueing when I know I'm right.

On Facebook I know my audience and post accordingly. Here I have no idea where this information goes. That's why I don't like to post pictures of K, which is ridiculous because her pictures are everywhere, she gets recognized sometimes which is strange but cool. Last year while in the thick of the friend mess, I heard that people were reading this blog and thinking I was sending messages to them through my writing and the songs I posted. That's when I blocked them all on Facebook and started to use that as my creative outlet.

I'll be using both from now, I might even start posting pictures since I'm getting so much better.

For now enjoy this picture and if you think I'm sending you a secret message, you're right.


  1. OH, I needed this laugh! You will know why once I post my blog entry tonight. I was in such a foul mood. I had someone like that last year who commented on things I wrote on my blog but we had little interaction in person. She knows better now.

  2. I'm thinking of starting a new blog but it makes me laugh to think that people are coming here to see what I'm doing. Still deciding. Stalkers beware!!

  3. I love you no matter where I stalk... I mean FIND you.