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Tuesday, February 7, 2012

What a difference a year makes.

So like I wrote earlier January 30th was the day the day the dramatic shit hit that famous fan. K and I were in Hollywood shooting a promotional video for her agency. It was a surreal day because I was still in a zombie like state caused by the upheaval in my inner circle. It was a bizarre he said, she said, they said kind of situation that had formed a loop and was on continuous play. No need to go into specifics because I don't give a second of thought to it and I like to leave the drama where it belongs.

So the shoot was like a reunion of sorts, it was the first time ALL the kids and moms were together in one place. Plus I met a few of the moms that I knew from our online group. One I had become really close with, or as close as you can get without actually knowing the person. Because of the events that led up to shoot I was extremely skeptical of anything said to me in the name of friendship. Things that sounded too good to be true was surely lip service. But for what? Why would someone open up to me, a stranger, with an ulterior motive? I was suffering from PDSD or Post Dramatic Stress Disorder. Either I had to trust or live in fear of another emotional shape shifter. I went with trust and was rewarded in spades. In fact I kept going with trust and collected a "Dream Team" of woman I call my framily (friends + family = framily). They gave me the strength I needed and I gave it right back to them.

I also became adept at spotting emotional creatures of the night and with the help of my framily I did not let them in. That was almost harder than trusting again. While I am skilled at finding the emotional shape shifters, vampires and werewolves, I needed some help with keeping them in the wild. Happily, I have developed the skills to keep them at bay.

This isn't to say that my friends and I are free of issues and have suddenly cured all that is wrong with our world. We are just honest about our problems and the issues we face. We help each other get through the bad times and celebrate in joyous victory our triumphs.

This process has allowed me to go back and reconnect with friends I once dismissed as "needy." I now understand that it's OK to need and even ask for help from a friend, that isn't what makes them needy, it's what makes them human.


  1. Surviving the carnage of emotional vampires and shape shifters transforms us into humans with superpowers-the kind used for good and instills in us compassion we never possessed. I'm speaking for myself. But I'm here to shake my pom poms at ya!

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  4. You know we make quite the duo. We should buy capes and go out at night :)