Too many mental tabs open today.

Monday, February 20, 2012

My new love.

The Shins - Simple Song (audio)

Can you love a song? I adore everything about this!! I have so much to write but zero energy. D and I had a grown up night out, nice hotel stay and room service!! It also included dancing for hours and me onstage. My body is suffering though. Dancing on four inch heels is tough on the body 9OK, it's tough on my body).

Today instead of resting I drove down to San Juan Capistrano for a shoot at the Mission with my favorite photog and bestie Alex. As soon as I get the feeling back in my extremities I'll write all about it. Not posting video though, praying it doesn't end up on Facebook!!!

Enjoy this song, there's nothing simple about it.


  1. Yay for the Shins, grown up night out, and photo shoot at San Juan Capistrano! One of my fave venues to shoot!!! Can't wait to see pics! Get some rest!

  2. OMG we have to meet there to shoot!!