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Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Cruel (end of) Summer

This day never gets easier. I absolutely hate the first day of school. It starts around the beginning of August, I count down the days and start getting depressed. Then I start to worry about how her new teacher will deal with her "work." Yesterday we had a playdate with her bestie from school. It was so great to hang with this family, we both missed them this summer. Once the girls saw each other they forgot that it had been months. In the afternoon we walked down to the school to check out the class assignments. To avoid a long detailed story of all the drama that followed here's a recap:

They were not in the same class (after being together for three years)
She didn't get the teacher she wanted (although to be fair, he was new and I think the only reason she wanted him was well, because he is a him and he has a very funny name)
The bully she cannot stand is in her class again

She lost it and broke down begging me to homeschool. I did what any parent would do and took her out for ice cream. Then I gave her a not very PC pep talk and let her know I have her back. No matter what.

When we came home and really looked at the class list she saw there was actually many friends in her class. She went to sleep relieved and woke up excited. She was dressed before I even had my coffee and requested a pretty hairstyle. When we got to the yard she saw all her old friends (who were all in the other class) and seemed kind of sad, then she started to see her new class assemble and the smile returned. When she saw the girls in her new class she was all smiles again (and I have the picture to prove it!)

The rest was a blur. A mass of kids and parents marching into the new year. When it was all over I walked out of her classroom and exhaled. Her teacher is really sweet, her class is actually very different than it had been the previous years. It seems a lot more mellow. I don't want to come across as elitist but this years class seems to be made up of the kids that are better academically. Except for the bully but I will blame that on Bush. She is a perfect example of why we need to trash the "No child left behind" BS. Sorry, but some kids need to be left.

So as usual, I sit here. Missing the noise that drives me nuts in the summer. Missing my girl that does the same. I will think about all the things I can do during the year when really the year is just a countdown until next summer.

I have so much support from D and my wonderful friends that this year I am actually OK. The emails, calls and texts really help. I will take up all offers for lunch and various activities this year, just like we did this summer. I will continue to miss K like crazy but I will not obsess. I get lots of time with her. I will be early today (OK, every day)to pick her up though. I can't help that.

I'll also get to spend the day with her tomorrow. She's working. I guess I need to have that conversation a little sooner this year.

I hope you all have a fabulous school year!!

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  1. I was just told today that my job is taking away my work-from-home status and bringing me back into the office. Which means less days spent with Rylee. I cried. I missed out on so much with my kids and I think I am trying to make up for it with Rylee. You are one of the world's greatest moms. And D is an awesome dad/husband for supporting you. You are truly blessed!