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Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Terrible Love, terriffic night!

The National - Terrible Love (Alternate Version)

I love this song from the National and Sunday night D, K and I were lucky to join some friends to see them live. K was so excited because she's been asking to go to the Hollywood Bowl for a while. I was excited because I love this band and the Bowl is an awesome venue, especially on a perfect September evening. We packed our bag with wine and snacks and met our friends (who also had wine and some of the most amazing caprese ever!).

It was so much fun, we've spend a lot of time with these friends this summer and weren't happy about it ending. The kids get along, K is older than the little boy but she likes to feel like she's a mentor. Plus he follows her around like a puppy and it's adorable!! It's such a relief to have FWD or friends without drama. Six adults with no agenda, simply enjoying each others company. I guess that's why this summer was so great and what made it so difficult to see it end.

Previous summers have been fun but the drama always hung around around like the morning fog in Santa Monica. Even though it didn't always get in the way it was always there. I believe when things are good they should feel effortless. I'm not saying that there should never be a problem, that's not realistic, but the general atmosphere should be positive. Of course sometimes that can have the pizza effect: You love pizza (who doesn't) and eat it religiously, then someone takes you to the best pizza place ever (like Vito's in West Hollywood) all of a sudden you realize that you've been eating bad pizza and can only go to Vito's from now on. You never realized how good things can be until you find that perfect pizza or in our case friends.

Our night at the bowl was a nice way to close out the summer. Great music, fabulous friends, delicious food and copious amounts of wine. The kids were lulled to sleep by the music and the nice warm breeze that caressed the venue. A perfect drama free evening.

Even the parking was easy.

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