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Monday, September 19, 2011

Match Point

So I completed my in home swab test for Be The Match and now I just wait. I guess. When I explained to K what I was doing she was fascinated. She asked what happens if I am ever found to be a match. After I explained the lengthy process she asked me why I would go through all that for someone I don't know. She knows I donate blood and platelets but this process is intense and a lot more involved. When I explained to her that I can save someones life by being inconvenienced for a few weeks she wanted in. I told her she would have to wait. Then she asked if she can donate blood "Not a lot, just a little, for a kid" that melted my heart. She might be self centered sometimes but that girl has a heart of gold.

I felt really good putting my cells in the mail. I also felt a little scared, knowing that the process can be painful, nothing that I can't handle though. I'm trying to live a positive life and things like this really help with that. It also shows others how they can impact the world without making a fuss.

There are heroes all around us, I wish they all could be recognized.