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Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Do you remember??

September by Earth, Wind and Fire

The 21st night of September. Of course I do, nine years ago today I took a short stroll with my dad and ended up with a new last name. For the story on how I met D please check here.

I wish all happy endings only required such short walks. D and I are in a really great place now but it took miles and miles of trying to meet back up after getting lost. Sure we said "in good times and bad" but really who means that? I know I didn't at the time. In fact I didn't even consider it. I got pregnant pretty quickly so we went right from newlywed status to expecting parents. The dust never got a chance to settle which probably explains the tornado that we were hit with a few years later.

I'm not going to bring up the issues we've had, I'm just going to say that we took the road less traveled. We did the work, put in the effort and did what we could to make things better. Was it easy? Oh hell no. Did we give up? Sometimes. Were we proud of how we acted? Probably not, but we managed to get back on track, not just for K but for each other.

I was going to write a mushy gushy lovey thing but I like this better. I have no idea how cohesive it is since K is doing all she can to make noise but I think I got my point across.

Marriage is hard, if it were easy everyone would be really good at it. Divorce lawyers would spend all day playing Angry Birds and therapists would fall asleep on couches. There are a lot of married people out there doing what they are supposed to do for whatever the reason, that wasn't working for us. We wanted to be that couple that makes it look easy even when it isn't. I believe we are well on our way and that makes me happy. Life is a work in progress, just like marriage, the key is to always be moving forward, even if it's not at the same pace.

Happy anniversary D, even though I take a practical approach to all things including emotions (thanks OCD) I love you with all of my heart, body and soul.

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