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Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Cawfee Tawk.

A coffee, my morning staple. I cannot function with out it. The other day I had traffic duty at K's school, in the rush to get to school on time (7:45 Ugh!) I forgot my coffee. Plus it was pouring and K was cranky. By the time I got home I was completely drenched. It took a hour to dry out and warm up. Right in time for the school to call and tell me that K was another victim of that "thing" that was going around. Ewww. Back in the car, back to school. Grabbed my sad looking child and brought her back home and into bed. I joined her after peeling off yet another set of wet clothes.

Hours later, head pounding I was afraid I was getting the Ick too. Then I realized I had missed my coffee. Problem solved.

I was somewhat relieved and a little alarmed. I was glad to miss the Ick but a little nervous about the headaches. Some research said this was normal. Cool. I can deal with normal as it relates to coffee withdrawal.

So now I'm off to enjoy more liquid gold. Every few weeks I meet a friend for what I like to call "Stagemom Support Group" really we just chit chat until we get the evil eye from the shop's manager. This is usually sometime around lunch.

Can't think of anything that goes together more than coffee and friends.

Oh yeah, wine and friends is also fun. Just not cool at 8:00AM

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  1. LOL! Like the 2 pots of coffee we drank sitting on the patio of Back on the Beach. It's comforting. Just like our friendship!