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Saturday, August 21, 2010

You've got to have friends.

Oh what a day! We met my childhood friend M and her family for a breakfast that was too short. I wish it could have lasted all day. It wasn't only great to finally reunite with a friend I had not seen in decades it was a pleasure to hang out with totally cool people. We talked and talked while the kids played, it was pretty empty at the restaurant so we let them run around, yelling every so often just to let the staff know that we semi-cared. It was one of those effortless meetings, the kind where the conversation just flows and you don't realize that decades have gone by since you saw them last.

I was sad when we had to leave, they had a flight to catch and we were off to K's music school. We said our goodbyes and hoped to see them again. Long distance relationships of any kind are difficult, but with all the reconnections made through Facebook recently I can see an East Coast trip in our future.

K has been taking piano for about 6 months and really seems to like it. I can hear it in her practicing at home. She can play by ear as well as read music which are two things I never thought possible in my family of musically challenged individuals. Thanks goodness for D and his creative genes. Her teacher is away and we've been working with a substitute who has a different philosophy regarding teaching kids and drawing the talent out. This teacher told us today that K is musically gifted, in fact she said she loves working with kids like K and seeing what they can do. She said my concerns over K's attention (or lack of) we simply a manifestation of her musical gift. I was thrilled, proud and had quite a time holding back my tears. I vowed to remember this feeling when she goods off during practice.

After that we ran a few errands and came home for a swim. I tried to rest, D and I were going out to dinner with our friend L, an actual grown up night out in Hollywood. I was going to need rest. Our dinner reservation wasn't until 10PM, just like in the days Pre-K! Now it's unlikely that I will be able to handle such a night without rest. How sad, but rest I did. Thank goodness.

Once again I was out with two guys, just like last summer. I thought that I was over that, happy being part of a "couples" night out. Nope, I have no problem being out with the guys, I had to dress like a girl though. While I have no interest in being part of a "guys night" I adore having a night with the guys. Especially these guys, my two best friends.

I suppose it's just another way I spurn convention. Why can't I have a soul sister that I never see? Why do I need to have a child that is seen and not heard? Why can't a girl be one of the guys? I've never played by the rules and I've never been a go with the flow kind of girl. As long as you surround yourself with people who feel the same who the fuck cares about teh conventional rules of society?

I sure don't and I don't want my daughter too either!

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