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Sunday, August 1, 2010

Sleepy Sunday

After a long day we had a lazy Sunday. D and K even made cupcakes. We did some swimming and sitting in the sun. K and I have a long drive tomorrow and she starts her dance camp tomorrow. We decided a mellow day was in order. What we didn't do was go get D's car so it looks like I'm taxi mom tomorrow.

I dig this song. Hope you like it!

Band of Horses - Laredo

Gonna take a trip to Laredo
Gonna take a dip in the lake
Oh, I'm at a crossroads with myself
I don't got no one else

And possibilities at the door
I won't be needing them anymore
Oh, is this the first time in your life?
It's hard just to get by

But oh, my love, don't you even know?
And oh, my love, are you really gone?

And can you see the world through a window?
Are you having troubles in droves?
Oh, I think the worst thing I could do
Is get back home to you

I put a bullet in my Kia Lorenzo
A kitchen knife up to my face
Throw me in the deep of Jenner Lake
Believe me when I say

That oh, my love, you don't even call
And oh, my love, is that you on the phone?

And oh, my love, you don't even know
That oh, my love, are you really gone?

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