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Monday, April 25, 2011

Complete Adoration

Spring Break is over and D shuffled K off to school this morning. I sat in my kitchen and watched them drive away, my sadness was replaced by smiles when I thought about all the things we did this past week. The highlight had to be Saturday night. We piled into the car and headed over to the forgotten LA Forum, D had scored tickets to the Prince concert. K was excited to see her first concert (technically it was her second concert, she doesn't seem to remember going to Coachella when was a toddler) and had her nails painted purple in Princes honor. We figured since it was an all ages show there would be lots of kids, besides K I saw only one other kid. Whatever, it wasn't a school night and how often do we do something like this.

We found our seat and watched the crowd grow, K was in awe of the giant venue and tried to guess how many people were going to be there. I just hoped that she would make it through the set. The lights dimmed and the announcer introduced Chaka Kahn, a complete surprise to me since I thought it was a solo concert. Chaka Kahn has been a favorite of mine since I was a kid and I immediately started screaming like one. Soon the three of us were dancing and singing and having a great time. After Chaka finished the lights went back on again. K was confused and I told her that Prince would be on soon, Chaka was just the opening act.

When the lights were lowered she knew it was time and stood up in her seat to see. She stayed in that position for most of the show. Towards the end we could see that she was fading but made it through until the last song. We then had to explain what an encore was and she declared her need to go to the bathroom. We left our seats and said goodbye to the people we were sitting near and headed down to the bathroom. I could hear the encore starting and she tried to hurry.

We found a new place to watch the end of the show and K had found some reserve energy to get her through it.

Then I heard it. I looked at Dave who recognized the notes immediately. Prince was about to sing "Adore" not just a favorite song of ours (it is) but our wedding song. When we were driving to the show I wondered aloud as to whether he would play "Adore" D was sure he would (even though he didn't at he last show we saw). It was such a beautiful moment. The three of us melted into one and we swayed to the rhythm of the song that meant a lot to us. I had actually forgotten how much it meant and at that moment, hearing it live, it brought me to tears. It was wonderful.

Hearing our song live, with our daughter there with us almost felt like a renewal of the vows we said on our wedding day. We've been through so much since we took the dance floor as man and wife. We've grown as a couple and as individuals, even though it took a while and it wasn't easy, we got there. Sometimes I forget the struggle as I fall into a comfortable routine. I'm glad I have reminders to nudge me out of my rut.

I think maybe later I'll put on this song and recreate that first dance. Minus the dress though, it was itchy.

until the end of time..........

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  1. I experienced chills (prince concert. it was also my first concert when I was 14.) and tears for the beautiful moment you, D, and K experienced during Adore! Those are the moments that make up the beauty of our life.