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Saturday, August 20, 2011


Van Morrison - Astral Weeks

Last night K and I went out to dinner, D was working late and I didn't feel like cooking. We had a great time like always and giggled for hours. On the ride home we heard this song, when it was finished K said "I really like that song." I was so touched because I have always loved it too. I was also so proud of her non-traditional and amazing taste in music. While in the car she likes to hear Sirius Radio's Kindie Rock station but she also asks for Alt Nation as well as requests for Wilco, MGMT, Kings of Leon and Band of Horses. I used to think she was doing this to appease me but when I watch her sing along I can see that she really enjoys it.

I'm glad that she likes to think out of the music box, something I have always done but never pushed on her. She instantly recognizes her favorite bands and gets excited when she hears her favorite songs.

I really just wanted to share this song with you but I felt the need to tell you why.


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