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Saturday, August 13, 2011

Home Alone!

I rarely get any time alone during the summer. In the past this used to bug the shit out of me, then I realized that I had made bad friend choices. The person I thought was my best friend in the world was actually on a mission to come between D and I and spent hours convincing me that D was a bad father (he isn't, I assure you). Anyways, today I was lucky enough to have some free time. K wanted to watch D play football and for some reason kids are welcome, wives and girlfriends are not. Whatever, I was happy to have the ability to stay in sweats and do nothing. With all that's available to me I decided to stay home, put on a mud mask and watch bad TV. I've also been having a few Facebook conversations with friends who are also happy to be staying at home. Most of us spend all day driving our kids so a rare car-free day is truly a gift.

My new friends are all over Southern California so a quick get together is usually out of the question, although it isn't impossible. Some of my favorite people live hours away and while we spend as much time together as possible we also enjoy texting and Facebooking. We did a bunch of that this morning.

Bringing up the bad friend from my past again this person also told mutual friends that I had no real friends, only virtual friends that I had never met. I wish that person could see the odometer in my car and see all the Yahoo maps on my floor. Virtual my ass. I've been schlepping said ass all over town the last few months seeing actual people. So take that jerk.

Sorry for the side rant. It's been bugging me.

I'm trying to get back in the swing of writing and I wanted to write that was doing nothing with my free time. It seems very Seinfeldesque to write about nothing. Especially when I'm doing nothing with friends.

OK gotta go now. I forgot that I had this mask on and it's starting to hurt.

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