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Thursday, August 11, 2011

I fought the law!

I completely forgot one of the high points of this summer!! On December 1st I got a speeding ticket while driving home from renewing K's work permit. I was so bummed because not only was I a mile away from my house but I KNEW that there ware speed traps on that road. I thought I was passing an accident so I pulled into the left lane and had no choice but to maintain the flow of traffic. Nope, Officer Nasty pulled me over and was such a jerk about it.

I was pissed, D told me to fight it. I am not the fighting kind but I agreed. I waited until the last minute and then I went online to request a court date. I have no idea about this stuff so when that date arrived I thought it was the actual court date. No. It was the day you get to say you want a court date and then you make one. OK, now I had more weeks to stress over it. The day finally came and I was a mess. I was so nervous I was convinced that when it came time to plead my case I would just cry or be unable to speak.

Sitting in the court room with dozens of people just like me made me feel batter, I met a woman who told me that I had nothing to lose. I should just go up, tell what happened and not care. The worst thing that can happen is that they keep my money. Yeah!! I was pumped. I was ready. I was not scared!!!

When they called my name I yelled "PRESENT!" in a voice that shocked me. When the judge called the officer's name I heard nothing. She looked around and declared the case "dismissed!" In an even louder voice I voiced my excitement which brought laughter in the courtroom. I also bolted out of there in case Officer Nasty was late.

I wish I knew why these situations scared the crap out of me. I will tell you that I have been very observant of speed limits, much to the dismay of my fellow drivers. It's like I got a second chance and I don't want to waste it.

I guess it's the same with my life. I feel like I have been given a second chance and I'm not wasting it!!! This explains the lack of writing and abundance of fun this summer. Being surrounded with love is so much better than what we used be around.

Go out and have fun!! Just slow down every so often!

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