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Tuesday, March 8, 2011

All You Wanted

Sounds Under Radio "All You Wanted"

I posted this song on Facebook last year and heard it a few minutes ago. It's such a gorgeous song and one I can (and do) play over and over. It was nice to hear it while lying on the couch with D. A rarity during the day. I was in Hollywood earlier for a quick go-see with K, then dropped her at school. D was home waiting for a repairman. It was fun to have him home during the day even if I was completely exhausted and stressed out from the morning rush hour. Being in Hollywood at 8:30AM is not something I care to do but it was a big client so we went. Also, the repair was quick, so it was just us, alone during a weekday.

It felt like we were back in high school and cutting class together. Of course the chances of someone coming home and busting us were slim to none. Still, being together during a school day was rare and it felt wonderful. Listening to music and making each other laugh is a wonderful way to spend the morning.

So we heard this song and I wanted to share it and also to remind you to take a few minutes, or an hour if you can and just enjoy the magic of nothingness. It can be with the one you love or it can be alone. I'm grateful to D and the times we share together, even if we are simply enjoying each other. It helped to erase the angst I received while racing back home so K didn't miss more than the morning assembly.

Good thing I had D and Sounds Under Radio to chill me out. We are headed out again for another casting in about an hour. Luckily this one is local. While it won't stress me out like this mornings casting did, it will not be the quiet afternoon I had planned. Maybe later, after K goes to bed, D and I can resume our couch positions and listen to some music.

It'll be like hooky of another kind.

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