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Monday, March 7, 2011

Lotus Flower

I totally forgot to gush over the new Radiohead album and I've had it for weeks! It's amazing, I'm not just saying that because I have an abnormal obsession with Thom Yorke I'm saying it because anything from this band is pure genius. "King of Limbs" is a gift to any true fan. Last year D and I saw Thom Yorke's "supergroup" Atoms For Peace, it seems that a lot of the new songs came from that tour. Lotus Flower was my favorite and I'm thrilled to have it on the new album. Now I can stop listening to the crappy recording on my iPhone and play it the way it deserves to be heard.

Rolling Stone Magazines track by track breakdown is here.

Please enjoy this amazing song while I finish up the many half written posts I now have. I will finish them eventually. Especially the one I've been working on the longest: A detailed description of something I've stumbled upon: Emotional creatures of the night (and day). Be careful, they walk among us mostly unnoticed!

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  1. My stringent budget doesn't allow for music purchases. I! AM! DYING! Thank you for posting this as it is a welcome break in my monotonous work day! You already know how much I love Radiohead.