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Saturday, March 26, 2011

It's simple

Manchester Orchestra - Simple Math (Lyric Video)

Not really, I suppose it could be but then I'd be bored. Who wants simple? I just looked at all the unfinished posts I have and it's pretty sad. Today would have been a nice day to do it. D took K to her piano lesson which usually gives me some time but right after that we were going to look at a new bed for K, so I rushed to get ready during intermittent power outages. Annoying as heck to a girl who requires a workout with a hair dryer every morning. So they grabbed me and off we went to see this fabulous bunk bed. A giant bunk bed that will come in handy during sleep overs and serve as a fort when a fort is required. It's pretty cool actually and she's super excited. I now must get rid of her princess bed and play kitchen (which will break my heart, not my daughters who couldn't care less). After that it was back home to get ready for a Saturday casting.

The casting was another "agent organized playdate" and K got to hang with her friends and run around for a while. When we got back to our side of town we ran a quick errand, all of us eager to just go home and do our thing. For me that was writing, for D it was napping and for K some quality time with her iPad. While waiting for a light to change we heard a pretty loud thunder-like sound followed by a giant burst of flame shooting out of the local power station. "That's not good" we all thought. The workers around the station didn't seem to think it was a big deal but we got the hell out of there and arrived home to no power. There went my writing time. K and D played some iPad games while I tried to get local news on my iPhone. Usually I have crappy cell phone service at home, today I had none. We were completely cut off from the world and stuck at home (driving with no electricity is surely a recipe for disaster in this town).

I realized how reliable we were on all things tech. OK, so no TV or internet, that's not tragic but we didn't have any way to get in touch with anyone. All our phones require electricity. We didn't even have a radio (except the one in my earthquake kit). My poor child had to rough it and play on an iPad that was losing battery with every rope cut. Or whatever you do in that stupid game.

Anyway, it got me out cooking which was good.

This week I'm going out and buying a phone for emergencies. One of those old fashioned phones that require a cord and not a plug. Do they even make such things anymore? They came from a time when things were simple.

So that's why I didn't catch up today. Tomorrow I'm taking K to a fashion show she's doing and then a photo shoot with an awesome photographer. After that it's dinner with some friends visiting from San Francisco. Sounds like a hectic day but it's actually an easy one for us. All activities will take place within a few miles. Much easier than last Sunday which involved trekking through the rain and LA Marathon detours to K's commercial shoot in downtown. More on that later. Now I need to keep it simple and go to bed. I hope the power doesn't go out again, I'll sleep through the alarm. I guess that's another thing on my list.

Finding the simple things in life is going to be difficult.

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