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Wednesday, March 2, 2011

I'm On A Boat

Yesterday K and I spent most of the day in Long Beach shooting on a beautiful boat. Actually she shot on the boat and I spent the day talking to my friends. The whole day I had this song in my head. It was such a great day, not only because the location was so fabulous (it was). The company was wonderful, three other moms that I adore, and the photographer and her team were amazing. I had no idea we would be gone all day, I had planned to spend the afternoon writing and catching up. I didn't.

I spent the day at the Marina and then rushed home to do some homework and get K to a commercial audition which she rocked.

It was one of those wonderful days, even though we were on the road at 7:15AM. K had her iPad and I had my latte. She was thrilled to spend the day out of school and on a boat, in fact she has not stopped talking about it. Captain Doug even let her do some driving which was clearly the high point of the day. The kids were amazing and the clothes were to die for. Where else is my daughter going to wear a $200 Baby Dior bathing suit topped with a vintage feather headdress?

So I'm not here to offer an excuse, just brief description of my day with my amazing daughter.

I'll be back soon recapping the weekend with my mother, discussing childhood trauma that always seems to come up during these visits. D wants me to write about my recent weightloss and what I've gained from it. Not the few stress related pounds I lost but the over 500 pounds in lost friends. Sort of a what I gained and what they lost thing.

Should be a good one!



  1. Yesterday was a beautiful day!!!! So envious that you were out enjoying it while I was in an office! :(

  2. Don't be jealous! I didn't even write about the catered lunch or the hot (HOT!) lifeguard assigned to watch my darling daughter who can swim like a fish.