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Thursday, January 13, 2011

Intel Visual Life - The Sartorialist

I saw this on Dani Brubaker's blog, she's a photographer that K has worked with many times. Dani is a true artist with an amazing spirit and the ability to get the most gorgeous pictures you have ever seen. K recently did a shoot with her and I was just blown away at the results.

Blogger Scott Schumann's photographs are stunning and the method to his madness is just beautiful. I felt inspired after watching this mini-doc. His words in the opening will be echoing in my head from now on:

"It's almost like going out there and letting yourself fall in love a little bit everyday"


I don't know if this resonates with me because I am an amateur blogger and photographer or because it's such an honest way to look at things. Either way it's a great perspective and well worth watching.


Then go out and fall in love.

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  1. HA! I've followed The Sartoliast's blog since last year! He's on my blog reader and yes, he is brilliant! Although, I must admit, there were a few moments when I've tried to capture photos of random people and they didn't appreciate me taking their picture! LOL!