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Tuesday, January 4, 2011

What Matters Most

This past Sunday after a day lounging on the couch and watching football D and I were discussing the events of the weekend. We were talking about the drama that goes on around us and how nice it would be to live without it. Then I read a group email from an old friend who lives in New York. He was writing to explain his recent lack of communication: back in October his young son, his three and half year old baby boy was diagnosed with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia (ALL). They were managing the best they could and he wanted us to know what was happening in their lives. He posted a website for friends and family to receive updates and news on Baby D. Immediately the responses flew back. All of us offering prayers and well wishes to our old friend. It's tragic when you hear news of a child who is sick. It's devastating when it's one that you know.

Suddenly the trivial events of our conversation seemed foolish. Wasting energy on drama is, well, wasted energy that can be better served elsewhere. While I was going to write the rest of my resolutions, including the one that I thought was most important, this one needed to come out today. No more energy is to be wasted on things that are not positive. No more fuel will be added to out of control wildfires. Only positive thoughts will flow from this house from now on. While it's easy to get caught up in the negative, it serves no purpose. First infractions will receive a warning, after that serious fines will be given.

Before Christmas I was at Children's Hospital donating platelets for a baby I did not know. The word went on my Parenting Message Board and I made my appointment as soon as I could. Unfortunately my platelet count was too low (which was a little troubling) but I was able to donate blood instead. This was something that I didn't have to think twice about, the needs of a sick baby came before my own comfort (which really isn't an issue, I've donated platelets and blood many, many times.) With all the holiday shopping I did this year, my donation at Children's Hospital was the gift I was most happy to give.

I'm begging you all, for 2011 let it be a year of positivity. We sent out New Year cards with this message:


the season is full of precious gifts but none more treasured than love, laughter, family and friends.

peace & love,

Every year we sign our cards with peace & love and every year we promise to live that way. This is the year we will follow through with that promise. Just think of what we can accomplish if we shift feelings of hate and fear over a little to peace and love? I want to be in a world where love reigns supreme and peace is universal.

If you want to show support for families dealing with significant health challenges please visit Caring Bridge. If you want to help a sick child contact St. Jude Children's Research Hospital or your local Children's Hospital, in Los Angeles the direct link is here.

Here's to a peaceful and loving New Year!

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