Too many mental tabs open today.

Friday, February 25, 2011

Backed up

No, not that way, even I don't write about that. I meant I have a ton of stuff to write about but no time. I have a family member in town (that should be good for future writing) and K has been busy with all her extra curricular activities. I am in the middle of writing about 4 different things like how my dental hygienist is the best therapist, how giving up something you once cherished isn't that bad and about my search for friends, specifically how I used a want ad to find a bestie. I think I even wrote about that before. I'll check. It worked out for me years ago and I'm wondering if it will again. I'm looking for something very specific this time. I adore the one I found last time, I should probably get her input.

This time I will give each applicant a test to avoid any drama. I'm sure it might offend some so I apologize in advance. Basically I'm looking for a guy like Will in that show "Will & Grace" (even though I didn't really watch it) except I'd love it if he had a kid. If you know anyone that fits that description please send him my way!!

So anyway, I'm off now to entertain my visiting mom, K is in school and it's about to rain.

I see another post to add to the pile!!

Happy Birthday Mom!


  1. I am afraid to visit because of what you will write about me after I leave ????????

  2. That would be better than what I will write if you don't.