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Thursday, February 17, 2011

Goodbye Uncle Leo

I never really like popular television. When I was a kid I would watch "Happy Days" and shows like it just to be in on the conversations the next day. This didn't change as an adult. I hated "Friends" but watched it because (sadly) it was relevant. Even Seinfeld was annoying to me. I lived in New York and while I appreciated the characters the ridiculous sitcom predicaments got annoying week after week. The one bright spot on Seinfeld was Uncle Leo played brilliantly by Len Lesser a veteran of television and film. His impressive resume includes film classics like "Kelly's Hereos" and "Papillon." For me, the only reason to tune in every Thursday was the hope that Jerry would see his Uncle Leo. He never disappointed.

Anyway Uncle Leo, sorry, Len Lesser, passed away yesterday. Please enjoy this clip from the best Seinfeld episode ever.

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