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Wednesday, February 9, 2011


AT&T Don't Text While Driving Documentary

I am the texting queen, a master of multitasking and a social media addict. I am a lot of things (some good, some bad) but I am not someone who texts while driving. I understand sometimes we think things are so important a second or two isn't going to hurt anyone. We are wrong in thinking that way. Nothing is that important. No bit of information, gossip, love or whatever you have going on is worth a life. Ever.

A few months ago I was in the car with K, we were stopped at a red light in the right lane. In the rearview I see a car coming up on my left and it's not stopping, the car blows through the light slow enough for us to see he was looking down at his lap. The light changes and we catch up to him, still texting!! K had my phone and got a picture of the car. When we got home I was furious but had no idea what to do. I posted something on a local message board but was vague and got no help there.

It really shook me up because I cannot control a thing about this situation. I can only do the right thing and hope and pray others do as well. Videos like this will certainly help but they won't stop it, which is sad. The boy that luckily avoided an accident or worse is probably out there right now, driving through town oblivious to the parents and kids around him.

Please pass this on and get the message out. There is absolutely no reason to be texting and driving. Not one! Anything that important can wait or pull over. No one needs to die over a LOL, WTF or C u l8r.

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