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Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Super Weekend

Lots went on this weekend! Hmmmm, where do I start? I picked up K Friday afternoon and she didn't seem her usual treat-ready self. In fact, half way through her root beer float she decided she was done with it. I knew there was a problem. Her runny nose was turning into something worse. We came home immediately went to sleep, she had so many fun things planned, missing them would be terrible. Lucky for me, my child can rally like nobody's business and by Saturday morning she was up and begging to go to her sleep-over. We kept it low key so she would be well rested for the big evening, I knew that a sleep over with her oldest friend would mean cupcakes, movies and very little sleep. I also knew that if she got worse the weekend would be spent on the couch, which would not be fun at all.

No date night
No sleeping in
No Superbowl party
No fun

By 5PM K was bouncing off walls ready to go and couldn't wait for me to drop her off. I barely said goodbye to her before she rushed off, hand in hand, with her very first friend. It didn't even matter that they hadn't seen each other in months or that their mothers had just come out of a soap opera-like drama of epic proportions. They were kids with an excuse to eat cupcakes and stay up all night. Cold? What cold? I said my goodbyes to my friend and wished her luck. Then I took off before she changed her mind.

D and I found ourselves alone for the first time in a while. It was a different kind of alone: no stress, no anger, no issues, no expectations, just us. We were grinning at each other like a couple of idiots. Then we enjoyed one of "those" nights, you know the kind where every moment is effortless? Where accidental touches turn into Levitra or Cialis commercials? When we woke up I didn't run out the door to pick up my daughter, I stayed in bed with my husband and enjoyed the morning. The talk wasn't about K or the Superbowl, or about our recent drama, it wasn't about anything really. It just was.

It was perfect.

Topping off this perfect day was a Superbowl party with old friends. We've been sharing this "holiday" with the same group of people forever. What was once a room full of drunk adults yelling at the big screen was now a house full of kids playing, friends laughing and reminiscing. New memories were being created while the game, once the focal point for previous get-togethers, played in the background (that doesn't mean we didn't watch it though, come on, it's the LAST game of the season!)

It felt good to simply enjoy a weekend and it's participants, I feel like it's been so long since I've done that.

It really was a super weekend. Congratulations to the Green Bay Packers who brought the Lombardi trophy back home, exactly where it belongs.

Just like me. (Cheesy comment for the Packer fans out there)

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