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Sunday, June 6, 2010

Family Guy - Shipoopi

OK this is hysterical, I love all things Family Guy and ever since this played in my living room it has been sung by D and I. Even K gets in on the fun as she now knows the words to this song. This morning I mentioned something to D about it's origin and he had no idea where it came from! I always thought it was so funny because I remember Buddy Hackett singing it from The Music Man it was always the stupid song. I played it for them this morning and now they both love it even more. K has a thing about dancing and her eyes were glued to the screen, she watched it over and over. I'm so glad she likes this kind of stuff better then the crap other kids seem to be into. Give her a well choreographed musical number and she's happy.

Anyway I'm tired from long day of relaxing in the cold and fog by the pool and then off to a party, instead of complaining about watching my six year old pick up cute boys at the party I thought I'd share both versions of Shipoopi. This is the obviously the Family Guy version, the Music Man is right above it.


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