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Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Rock Star!

Rock Star (film): Audition for Steel Dragon

I love the movie Rock Star and not just because Marky Wahlberg is so cute. Isn't is every music lover's dream to be chosen as the lead singer (or guitar player, drummer, whatever) of the band they love? I have these fantasies daily, too bad I can't sing or play an instrument. I guess that's why I love this movie, besides Marky Mark of course. I get to live vicariously as Chris the lead singer of a Steel Dragon tribute band becomes Izzy the lead singer for real. It's just good unclean fun, until it falls apart of course.

Last week I told D that I wanted to see this movie again and today it was on and uncut, so I got to see it without commercials and all the language and sex. Cool. I did have to endure Jennifer Aniston but Mark makes it worth it. This clip is when Chris (Wahlberg) is called to audition for Steel Dragon, he really is adorable.

Rock on!

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