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Sunday, June 13, 2010

Kickin' it.

I love lazy Sundays, lounging around the house, reading the paper while we enjoy a leisurely healthy breakfast. Yeah, right. In my dreams, Sundays are like every other morning, chaos at it's finest, without the added stress of getting to school on time. Or D and I get to listen to K tell us how bored she is. If we don't already have plans it's a mad scramble to make them, if we do have plans I drag my ass because I like to spend the day at home. This Sunday morning was different, K was at A's house on a sleepover and wasn't expected back until around noon. We stayed in bed until 11ish, it was the first time in over 6 years that we did that.

When she finally graced us with her presence she talked non stop about all that she did. It was cute, I already had the play by play from A but it was to listen to K tell it. We didn't have much time, K had some time to relax and then get ready for her very first karate tournament. She was really excited for that, she was entered in the leg sweep competition and after watching her do this for weeks I knew she was pretty good. She wanted to get there a little early to watch the little ones for a while. It was cool, we got to see some friends and watch their kids break boards and get their trophies. When it came time for K's group she took off and took a seat with her friends. D and I scrambled along with the other parents to get a good spot, it was like watching the paparazzi run after one of those Twilight stars. The momarazzi in me was stealth and I managed to get a bunch of great shots with my SLR while D got the whole thing on the Flip.

I was so proud of my little girl, she was great, her form and defense was stellar and she managed to stay standing while a girl bigger then her tried to get her on the ground. All the kids were amazing and they all took it in stride, even the ones who ended up on the floor. When K got her trophy the smile on her face was brighter than the golden statue. It was priceless. She knew everyone competing would get one but she did her very best and therefor had earned it. K also won a raffle and now has a credit at the dojo to buy snacks when I don't have an cash (which is always).

After the tournament she wanted to go to Menchies, her favorite snack place. We were more than happy to take her there, D and I were really proud. She started karate on May 4th and showed no signs of losing interest, in fact she gets more interested every day. SHe walked into Menchees wearing her gi and carrying her giant trophy, in fact she wouldn't take it out of her hands. SHe fell asleep on the ride home with it clutched in her tiny hands. I got a great picture of that. She even stayed asleep from the car back to the couch and stayed that way for a while. We had to wake her up to eat, shower and then back to bed. When I went to kiss her goodnight I felt something next to her, she has brought the trophy to bed. I convinced her that it might break if she rolled over on it (telling her she could hurt herself would be useless). She kept it next to her and kept her hand on it all night.

D and I were pretty tired too. We talked about how awesome K was. Not just because she's our kid but because she's honoring her commitments, she's honoring them so much she's inspired D to start taking Taekwondo. He has a yellow belt as well.

It's nice to inspire your children to do great things. It's wonderful when that child can become the inspiration for your own greatness.

Nice move Karate K!!


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