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Saturday, May 8, 2010

Happy Birthday D!

First I just want to say Happy Birthday to my wonderful husband D, I hope that he enjoyed this day and the myriad of crap that he had to endure. We tried to make it special but it ended in typical DMK fashion. That's how we roll around here.

I'm not sure what time he came home last night but I wasn't waiting for him in our bed like I should have been. Instead I was asleep in K's bed most likely getting a kick in the head every few minutes. I fell asleep there last night. I awoke to D and K in the kitchen, I rolled out of K's little bed and stumbled into my bedroom. I cannot start my day unless my bed is made, as soon as I was finished D came in and was unhappy at the sight of the tidiness. We both climbed back into the bed and he fell asleep, I was kind of glad, we had a lot to do and sleeping in meant we didn't have to go to karate, a little less rushing around today. Nope, D wanted to see K in action. She just started karate this week and already loves it. She looks so cute in her gi and is really into it, the look on her face when she does her kicks is fierce, thank goodness her Sensei told her never to use karate anywhere but the dojo. One week and I have three new words to use. Cool. So anyway, D wanted us to go and off we went, his birthday, his rules. We were there 2 minutes before we saw someone we knew. This place is clearly the social epicenter of the neighborhood. Sensei G came over to say hello and meet D, he told me he had no idea his new karate kid was a supermodel, I guess it's impossible to keep anything a secret, especially since we friended each other on Facebook.

Class was great and D enjoyed watching his little girl perform her newest skills. After that we had an audition and rushed to get there, poor D had to sit and wait for us, parking is terrible at the beach on a beautiful Saturday afternoon. I was hoping it would be quick because this was supposed to be a request only casting. It was not. We waited as long as we could but K's piano lesson was at 12:30 and we had to leave. So we drove over to that and came back to the audition when we were done. Luckily they were cool and saw K right away. Some of the mother's were shocked that we left but it's ridiculous to miss an important just to wait around for someone to take your kids picture and yell "next."

We finally returned home and D opened his gifts, impossible to shop for I always wing it and hope for the best. This year it was Tony Hawk Ride, the Wii game that looks so cool. All the slackers at Best Buy thought it was "rad." He also got a new wallet and a beautiful framed picture K made for him. I hope he liked it all, if you're reading this D I still have the receipts if you don't. The rest of the day was spent deciding what to do with the rest of the day. While we were debating the minutes clicked by and suddenly it was time to get ready for dinner. D decided that K would feel bad about missing out on his birthday dinner so it was the three of us. I think we both regretted that decision a little. Regardless, we went to a fabulous restaurant in Hollywood called Street please visit this place if you are ever close, the eclectic menu of "street food" is not to be missed. In fact I need to travel with Susan Feniger, chef and owner, because if this is the street food where she goes I am so there.

At home after dinner it was a contest of wills, K refused to go to sleep and we were too tired to argue with her, actually it was a bet that D had made with her. If she fell asleep in the car she would have to be compliant all through Mother's Day, if she stayed awake she could watch a movie. It's amazing what that that girl is capable of when she really wants something. Or really doesn't want to do something, as the case is here. Finally the movie was over and she was asleep. Then we got to enjoy some alone time and I gave him a few gifts I don't care to mention here. I am pretty sure he liked them.

Oh yeah we ate the cake too.

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