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Saturday, July 10, 2010

Here are the last two days of my vacation journal. We really had a wonderful time. I think a week is perfect, while two weeks seems ideal, the reality probably isn't. We stayed long enough to bond but not too long to start getting on each other's nerves. We found a perfect balance, eating dinners out and breakfast in. We took our time and did not put ourselves under pressure to see sights we really didn't care too much about. This vacation was all about exhaling. The year leading up to it had been an emotional one and we were rewarded with quality time.

Vacations are addicting and we are already planning our next one.

Day 6

Our last full day here :( We woke up, had our bacon and fruit breakfast and then hit the waterpark. We decided that D would go back into town with Carlos and get food to bring back, it would be impossible to tear K away from her waterslides and army of new friends. I told him to get lots of food so that we could have lunch and dinner. Plus I wanted to try pozole a soup traditionally served on Thursday. He took off with Carlos and I chatted with a family we met while K played with their daughter. Perfect. After what seemed like days, D arrived with lunch (and dinner and breakfast). We went upstairs and had a feast. The pozole was incredible, I can't remember the last time I ate so much. They also gave him taquitos, tortillas and these pork rind things that tasted like puffy bacon, they were amazing. We went back downstairs and told K she could stay until they kicked us out. That's exactly what happened too, the kids were still sliding around even after they stopped pumping water through it. K was having a hard time saying goodbye to her new friends. They somehow convinced us to let them play in the morning a little. Checkout was at 10AM and our flight was at 4:50PM. We told them it would work out, not to worry.

We came upstairs and D ran a bubble bath for me which K promptly jumped into. Then he brought me dinner in it. I've never had dinner in a tub before. Somehow on vacation things that would never happen at home seem completely normal. I had a few drinks and relaxed. We put an exhausted K to bed and spent our last night in Mexico enjoying the beautiful evening on our balcony.

Day 7

We managed to get a later checkout (11AM) they also offered us a room to shower and change if we decided to go to the pool one last time. We did. It was great, K got to play with her new friends and we weren't forced to sit around the hotel lobby for hours. When it was time to go we said our goodbyes and got the families information, turns out they live close to us and a block away from our friends. We got the keycard to the courtesy room and went to get ready. When we opened the door we realized that we had really lucked out with the room we stayed in the whole trip. This room was on a low floor and was tiny. No kitchen, extra room or plunge pool. K decided that she felt bad for whoever had to stay in that room, D and I didn't say a word but we both felt the same way!

We went to the cyber cafe so D can check any last minute emails and then found our driver. The ride to the airport is short, we checked in and went through a brief customs check. We were informed that the hurricane currently tormenting the east coast of Mexico was delaying all the planes coming in and out of Mexico City and our flight had been delayed, they put us on another one and told us to hurry to the gate. I'm not exactly sure why we needed to hurry, maybe so we could get a comfy spot to wiat the hours we ended up spending there? After a while D went to find out what was going on, not an easy task in an airport with one english speaking person. He found out that we would have to move to another gate so we did. Then we found out the flight was canceled and were issued new boarding passes. I'm not sure how many times this happened, maybe four or five. Finally we all gathered around a gate that had a plane ready for take off. We stood right next to the door making sure that we were one of the first on, there was no way I was going to wait in the mess that was accumulating behind us.

We arrived in Mexico City with time to spare with a flight that was not canceled or delayed. We ran into a couple we had met at LAX and shared vacation stories while K danced around. Our flight left on time and was uneventful, we landed at LAX and was welcomed back by US customs agents. We got our luggage quickly and found the shuttle to take us back to my car. After over 10 hours in planes and airports we were finally about to be home.

As much as I love to go away, I love that moment when you get home. Especially when I made sure the house was spotless when we left. We put K to bed, unpacked and hit our own room for the first time in a week. We were exhausted, dirty, and hungry but only had enough energy to sleep.

It was nice to be home.
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Location:Acapulco, Mexico

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  1. Bravo to you and the fam for having a well-deserved break from reality! I have a hankering for some really intense mojitos right now!

    I like the silhouette pic of K and D. *applause*

    Now make sure you maintain that Mexican tan until it turns into a lovely Cali caramel hue!