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Saturday, July 17, 2010

Hold on!

No, not that kind of hold, the kind that my poor daughter is in a perpetual state of. Ugh, hate ending in a preposition. The last three auditions K had went extremely well, so well that she ended up on hold for each other them. I put no stock in these holds, as I've written before they only mean the client likes you and doesn't want anyone else to book you. Seems a little unfair but if you want to play in this business you have to shut up and take it. She did direct book a job for Thursday, which is cool but ironic. I drive to Pasadena and back twice, suffer through Farmer's Market parking and schlep to Hollywood only to land a job though a picture. Ridiculous. Why even bother?

OK, I'm not going to complain any more about this. Today. Lots going on this weekend anyway. The show last night, the plethora of activities today like karate and piano. Chilling by the pool and generally enjoying each other's company. Tomorrow D and I have tickets to see one of my favorite bands MGMT. K will be at another sleepover at A's. I'm not sure who benefits more from this arrangement. A likes to have a house full of kids and K adores both of her kids, occupying both of them. K gets to see what it's like to have siblings and when asked if she wants any she'll tell you that she likes being an only child. She loves to hang with her friends and their siblings but she is happy that it's just her.

So she got to spend the day doing her thing, just the way she likes it. She got to do it bookended between a night with a new friend and a sleepover with another. She is not concerned that there are companies out there interested in hiring her for their ads. She does not care that she may or may not get to work next week. Her only concern is that she gets to her sleepover on time. The only hold she cares about is the kind that involves her parent's hands.

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