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Wednesday, July 21, 2010


Today was going to be a mellow day, K and I were going to grab some lunch and maybe hit the dojo before picking up D to go to the Dodger game. D did some work with a company in his office building and they have been inviting him to their yearly pilgrimage to Chavez Ravine ever since. Last year K and I were invited and had a great time, we must have not offended anyone by rooting for the Mets (serendipitous for me!) because we were invited back this year.

While we were laying around playing Wii Resort I got a call from K's commercial agent. Could she make it to an 2:00PM audition in Hollywood? She needed to replace someone. Uh, sure. Now what? If we went and waited for D we'd have to kill 4 hours. Or I could drive to Hollywood, back to home and back to Hollywood and then to the stadium. Which was going to be easier? Certainly driving back and forth was cheaper, waiting meant shopping and that meant The Grove. It was safer to drive. So we did. Oh yeah, the audition wardrobe was pajamas, so we'd be coming to change before karate.

I visually planned the day and decided I wasn't a stage mom I was a taxi driver. No biggie. I cleaned up K got us ready, had some lunch and took off. No traffic on the first leg of our trip, that was good. We made it to the casting office in record time, they weren't even back from lunch. I filled out the size card and watched K play with my phone. A few minutes later they called K's name and in she went. Two minutes later she came out gave me a hign-five and we took off. Sometimes it bugs me that I drive all over the place for a two minute audition but I can't really complain, our drive in easy compared to a lot of people we know. Some come all the way from San Diego for the same two minute meeting. Traffic was easy going home and we had time to chill and relax before going to karate. K can't go tomorrow because she's booked on a job and has an audition after that, there no way I'm going to squeeze a class in there. Although that's exactly how today went. We went to class and it was empty, she basically had a private lesson. I love the summer in LA! With kids in camp and on vacation we can do whatever we want without a crowd sometimes.

We bolted from the dojo because I knew this time we were not going to be so lucky with traffic. I was right but it didn't matter, we didn't need to be there for the first pitch, football rules in our house, we were going to the baseball for the food and the company. It was strictly for fun. I did OK trafficwise and gathered D, actually I made him drive, I was over it at that point and wanted to be the passenger instead of the driver. We made it to the game pretty quickly and met our group. I was happy to see other kids, K was happy to see all the food available to her. We didn't do too bad, I didn't even drink, I knew I had a long drive the next morning and I didn't want to be cranky and have a headache. We actually stayed for most of the game and cheered for the Dodgers as the innings flew by, they won the game 2 - 0. At least I think that was the score, I didn't really pay attention.

D happily drove us home.

I am seriously considering painting my car yellow.

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