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Saturday, February 6, 2010

405, 101, 134, 210, 15, 60, 10, 1

Today's Lotto? My lucky numbers? Da Vinci Code? No such luck, they are actually the freeways I had to take today for the plethora of activities I had scheduled for K. Why do I continue to do this to myself, I know that it will just end with me screaming in my head about how stupid I am. I have a problem saying no to people and I hate to disappoint anyone, especially my daughter. We go to 90% of the parties she is invited to attend because she's (yeah, me too) afraid of missing something fun.

Today it wasn't a series of birthdays so it wasn't too bad. In the morning we attended an event for the new Nordstrom that's going to open in Santa Monica Place this August. The kids (only 200 got to participate) and moms, not being sexist here, they were mostly moms although A and I were with S who is a very hot Australian Manny (did I say hot?) were treated to a lovely breakfast before the kids were escorted into a room to paint tiles that will be installed on the floor of the kids dept. It really was wonderful and all the money went to a kids art charity. We'll be able to see these tiles every time we shop and they told the kids that one day they can bring their own kids to see them as well. Did I cry? You bet! After that K had an audition in the Valley and then off to Rancho Cucamonga (yes, that's actually a real place) for a birthday party.

Things are so spread out in this city that my list of activities and 8 freeways is normal in Los Angeles. Normal and LA, a perfect oxymoron. Today's party theme was Cirque Du Soleil, my six year old attended a charity art event and I am currently hosting an online cocktail party. Here, and probably everywhere but I write what I know, it's all about competition. I hate that, I'd rather it be about originality. You should see some of the parties we've attended. Red carpets, mobile zoos, puppies and princesses, sushi (for a 4 year old). You name it someone has done it. This year I was all about frugal originality, Shabby Chic's got nothing on me. We had a breakfast bowling party in our PJs. Food was cheap, lanes were cheap and doing anything in pajamas cannot be topped. Party win! Sometimes you have to think outside the box, but living on the west side also means that sometimes you have to shell out a hundred bucks for Uggs. So much for originality.

When I came home from the party tonight I was miserable, the ride home was so bad: The pouring rain made it impossible to see my exit so I was lost somewhere in San Gabriel, wherever the hell that is, I finally found my way onto the 60 (my 6th freeway of the day)and then the sun came out. Not in the oh yay, it's not raining anymore way, it was more like holy crap, I can't see a friggin thing!! I made it home only to find that D had made a lovely chicken stew for us. Then he gave K a bath while I did some unwinding on FB. While I complained about my day and virtually cheered a friend, I thought an online cocktail party would be fun. As I write this friends from NY and LA (who have never met) are drinking and chatting like old buds.

So while my competitive LA neighbors are waiting hours for a table at The Bazaar so they can be the first in the crowd to sample Jose Andrés finest, I am happily at home, drinking safely on my couch with friends from near and far. As we toast and laugh and chat I am thankful that the eight freeways I took today brought me here, exactly where I need to be.

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