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Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Cold in the Canyon

I don't usually take K to school, it's not that I'm not a morning person (actually, I'm not) it's just that D likes to do it so he can get to work early. I feel out of place at school in the morning, in the afternoon I can chat away without a problem. It may also be the lack of caffeine. My body requires at least 2 or 3 lattes before things balance out. I used to be good in the morning, the first one in the office, calls, emails and paperwork all done before 9AM. Having a kid can make you lazy, well maybe not you but it made me lazy. I'm great in the afternoon and well into the night though. So at least I have that.

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  1. What, you're not a morning person? Really?? :) Actually you burn the candle at both ends while holding a match in the middle.