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Tuesday, February 2, 2010

I heart Marshalls

Seriously. I had shit to do today including buying a few presents and somehow I ended up at Marshalls (I think my car automatically drives there) while I aimlessly wandered the aisles I ended up in the kids section (shocking). I found the cutest little BCBG tanks, they looked too big to be kids but to small to be womens BUT they were marked to $3 with the original $95 tag, so naturally I bought them both. I will need to work on my abs to wear these, it's always good to have an inspiration. After that I found myself in swimwear (yes, the scariest place on earth for females) where the cutest Ralph Lauren bikini was taunting me to try it on, it wasn't that bad. I admit, I am asking a lot of the top but it was so cute and instead of $143 it was $25. Seriously $333 for $31 and I get a head start on my summer wardrobe. The gifts I needed will be bought tomorrow, if I can keep my car from Olympic and Sawtelle.

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