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Thursday, February 11, 2010

I scream you scream

we all scream for... stress relief? Maybe not, I scream in my head a lot though, sometimes I feel better sometimes I just feel stupid. When I am stressed out, upset, angst ridden or feel the need to let it all go I get in my car, blast the tunes and take off. I love the sound my car makes when I gun it, not quite the sound of a Shelby GT 500 (red please) but it's slower, more family friendly cousin (which it is). Today's victim was PCH to the 10 and back again, the tunes: The Airborne Toxic Event, the speed: can't say, don't want D or USAA to get pissed off at me. Let's just say that there are times in Los Angeles where the freeways are not jammed and Porches, Maseratis and even Ford Escapes may roam free, the way nature intended. Something about the speed and the so-loud-you're-going-to-go-deaf music that soothes my soul.

I felt immediately better, stress levels are normal and angst reading is low. After the ride I needed to refuel and a large high-octane cafe latte did the trick.

I know there are different methods to relieve the stress of daily life, somehow I find this one works best for me. I've done it through food and while that immediately makes me feel better, beating myself up over caloric intake and ridiculous high carb counts bring on a whole other kind of stress. I'm also a huge fan of Retail Therapy but after years of that treatment, my closet is full and my funds are low. What's a girl to do but take it to the streets. I tried to get in one last lap in before school pick-up but PCH was not very cooperative. Construction + bad drivers = no Fast & Furious Malibu Drift. Good thing because when I hit the road with K for a last minute Old Navy fitting the CHP were everywhere. Looks like I dodged a bullet today.

Maybe tonight I'll actually eat the ice cream.

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