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Thursday, February 4, 2010

Tattoo You

I was finally able to get some errands done today, had to buy a few gifts for the birthday parties K and I will be attending tomorrow and Saturday. Her first friend and "diaper buddy" J turns 6 tomorrow and C, a friend we met through modeling turns 7 on Saturday. I should consider myself lucky that we only have two parties this weekend and neither of them are on Sunday. Sorry, but the only way I would attend a kids party on Superbowl Sunday was if they threw it on the 40 yard line. Go Saints. Actually, it's more like LOSE MANNING!!! Always goes back to football, doesn't it?

So anyways, I was mindlessly going about my day when I stopped in a little boutique I like to visit. I wasn't shopping, I just like to see pretty things sometimes. I was talking to the (young) salesgirl and the subject of tattoos came up, she had a beautiful one on the inside of her wrist. She asked if I had any and I told her I had three, and they were only visible during swimsuit season. Yes, I am a nice Jewish girl with tattoos, don't tell my mother. Whatever, tell her, who cares :) I have a Peace sign on my hip bone and the words Truth and Destiny written in Sanskrit right next to it. These were all carefully chosen, not only because they look cool (they do!) but they were put on my body as a motto, a way I want to live my life. I need to put on one more thing, I welcome suggestions (and no, as much as I love the Jets, I ain't doing that!!). OK, where was I going with this? Oh yeah, so I'm having this conversation with the youngish sales girl and the older, conservative looking, manager comes over. For some reason I thought she was going to tell us to keep it down (she had that librarian-like look) but she came over to say that her brother was a famous tattoo artist who was covered from head to toe and that she has Serenity on her back, and then she showed us. It was beautiful and completely unexpected. It's those kind of serendipitous moments that make life so wonderful. At least it is for me. For some reason those few minutes in a clothing store just made my day.

Also, if anyone needs a good tattoo artist, I have an amazing one!!!

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