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Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Girlz Night

So every so often I threaten D with a girls night out, not that he has a problem with it. He's always going out and having fun with his boyz and I'm glad, it's important and necessary. D's not the problem, I'm just lazy, besides there aren't that many options for me as I prefer to hang with the boys. My friend A was my second mommy friend (the first one ended up being such a freak I had no choice but to break up with her. Twice) I met A when K was about 6 months old, her daughter J was a few months younger. They were diaper buddies and we were partners in crime, fighting the bullshit mommy wars together. We grew up together as did our little girls. If there was a body to bury I would call A just as she would call me, we know each others secrets and would never betray the trust we have. It's nice to have and new to me, while I love to roll with the guys, having a "sister" is a cool thing. So anyways I picked her up and we hit a local hot spot, found the perfect location and hung for the night. Or as late as you can hang in Santa Monica, last call tends to be about 10:30PM if you're lucky. Because I never go out like that I forget how good it feels, I vowed to do it regularly, luckily A is a willing participant and wicked fun. Good food too, girls are so different than boys, D is so happy to be out and away from my stupid food hang ups, I know the menu for his nights out: fried stuff with cheese, beer and carb loaded cocktails. We had healthy (or healthier) food, chicken, ahi and wine. That's probably the only difference our nights. That's all I'm gonna say. Girls are too smart to give all our secrets away. Guys have a stupid saying for that: "Bros before Hos" I believe is what they say. Women have an unspoken sisterhood that needs no words. At least the cool chicks roll that way.

Sweet dreams.

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