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Friday, February 5, 2010

In Facebook We Trust

I love Facebook. There I said it, I check it all the time, I post shit all the time. I love knowing what every person I've ever met is doing 24/7. I don't however, play FarmVille, FishVille, Mafia Wars, Zoo World, YoVille (anymore) or Cafe World and I don't really care to see photos of a virtual farm. Also, if you send me a drink, I better be able to drink it, not look at it. Facebook is such a huge part of daily life and with good reason, hooking up with friends instantly, sharing memories and stories with loved ones can keep us connected across the miles. My friends and family back east can actually see K grow up right before their eyes. Of course spending too much time doing anything online is not a good idea, I saw a news clip of Dr. Phil (the actual Dr. Phil, not my awesome therapist) berating a woman who spent 10 hours a day on FarmVille, he was right of course but I believe (or at least I really really hope) that these people are not the norm.

So last night I received a Wall Post from an old high school BF saying he was going to Vegas and would I like to join him. It was completely random, I thought maybe he was really drunk and posted on the wrong wall. He's a cool guy and this wasn't like him. I sent him a private message through FB saying something "Really? That was some message" Then I got some weird reply and then something to the effect of "I need to get away from my wife." I thought for sure this was some Boyz night thing, I replied with something like, "I hear that, I feel the need to get away sometimes" it felt like we weren't having the same conversation. I went to bed and didn't think about it again until today when I got a message and a text from him apologizing. Apparently his wife wrote the Wall Post and the messages from his computer. I don't know what bothers me most about this situation. I have not seen this guy in well over 20 years AND we live over 2500 miles apart. When he saw his computer this morning he thought that I had lost my mind, exactly the thing I was thinking about him. I know there are thousands of stories about people reuniting with their old BF/GF after "meeting" again on Facebook but are we becoming so insecure that we actually go looking for things that aren't even there? Is all this technology making us lose our trust? All social networking sites and email accounts require a password, that's just standard, it's meant to protect us, not to keep our secrets or hide our covert operations. Sure, I like knowing my computer is protected, my information is guarded, my secrets are safe. There are things that I tell my friends through emails and texts that I may not want D to see, private thoughts and feelings that may or not be related to him, do I really think he's going to hack into my computer to get my passwords? No, of course not, but I still think about it because I hear these stories of mistrust, like the one I was a victim of last night, all the time.

I really hope my old BF and his wife can get past this issue and work on rebuilding the trust that was broken somewhere along the way.

I also hope that he picks a really long password next time.

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