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Tuesday, February 16, 2010


OK, I know I'm being a bit dramatic here, but as I read a story about the "coffee war" that Burger King is about start with rival (but equally disgusting) McDonalds I found out that Seattle's Best Coffee is owned by STARBUCKS and has been since 2003!!! Oh the humanity, SBC was my favorite place to get holiday themed lattes, Peppermint, Pumpkin and Gingerbread, oh my. They were pigs in lipstick the whole time.

I am crushed.

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  1. M, you are funny. That is hilarious, "Oh the humanity!" Well that blows, I liked SBC as well. I guess this is part of the conglomeration, mega-corporation issue so pervasive today. You can still enjoy SBC but probably a little less knowing that fact. It's akin to Miss Vicky potato chips being actually owned by Frito Lay. I used to read the back of the bag for the little heart warming story about small hand made batches of chips, you know, small batches the size of a city block. Sorry for full bubble burst. I have to say, the picture of the crushed cup cracks me up.