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Monday, February 1, 2010


I'm most likely writing this to myself, which actually isn't a new thing for me. I talk to myself on a daily basis. I'm a really good listener. So some stuff about me: I grew up in NY, came to Los Angeles with my starter husband about 14 years ago, ditched him (the shorter version of a long and boring story) met D a nicer cooler one, got married (wickedly cool wedding BTW), had a beautiful baby girl, got fat, got bored, you know, the usual. Along the way I got my daughter K into modeling just to give us something to do. Met some cool people, met some nightmares, got some great pictures, had lots of fun. Now I've been married for seven years (with the help of weekly therapy sessions), K is six and in first grade (still modeling and thinks she's 16), I've finally lost the baby weight (yup, I still call it that) and I'm working on my inner, me. Now that we're up to date here's the recap of my day:

Met D for lunch in Hwood, I was a little early so we found a way to occupy ourselves for a while, my pre-period boobs were too hard to resist :) Picked up K, bought some food, tried to do first grade math, watched Cake Boss for a while and here we are. Wow, that's incredibly boring isn't it? I'll take boring after a stressful week any day. Besides I'm just warming up, soon I'll get into our issues which include but aren't limited to: Religion, East Coast vs West Coast, mothers (his, not mine) sex and money.

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  1. I applaud you for jumping in to the wonderful world of blogging, congrats. You have much to say and a great way of saying it. Your pen is always mightier than the sword, and will stir things up on occasion. The interwebs will welcome your style and friends from the sidelines will jump in, relate and comment ad nauseam.

    Nice going with the "afternoon delight"!