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Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Good Morning Angels

Trying to get ready for Dr. Phil but my computer looked lonely and I figured I can take a minute to say hi. I wonder what the topic will be today. While I'd love to put this whole MIL thing behind us it's a pain in the ass to talk about sometimes. Sometimes I wish I was the kind of person that could just go on, forgive and forget, so to speak. I suppose if it had only been a few incidents that pissed me off it would be easy, but as I'll explain soon, it's really 10 years of bad behavior. Even I can't ignore that. It's not like forgetting that the Jets sucked for so long after a great season (JETS!) some how that is incredibly easy to do (see ya next year Revis!!)

OK, I need to jet, this hair isn't going to dry itself, no actually it will and then look like shit.

See ya later for the post game wrap up.

Make good choices! Ha! I love that line, Frances rules (Almost Famous, just in case you don't know).


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  1. You guys are doing the work, keep it up. It's good to take a break from said issues but the elephant in the living room needs attending to. At least you guys have identified that it's there. Remember, you're working towards "Life without Strife!" Good luck.